Debenhams Flowers Website Hacked; 26,000 Customers Impacted

Debenhams, a British multinational retailer giant, said that its Flowers website was compromised and as a result, personal and financial information of 26,000 customers was stolen. The news came out when Debenhams sent emails to its customers revealing that their Flowers supplier, Ecomnova, a third-party company that owns flower and gifting websites, has experienced a cyber attack on 24th February and 11th April 2017.

The email further revealed that the stolen data includes payment details, credit card information, personal information including name, address, email address and passwords. The outraged customers are advised to take action to protect their data.

“As soon as we were notified about the incident we instructed Ecomnova to suspend the Debenhams Flowers site until further notice,” Debenhams said.

“Our communication to affected customers includes detailing steps that we have taken and steps that those customers should take,” Debenhams stated in a statement. “We are working with Ecomnova and all relevant authorities to investigate this attack and apologize to all customers affected.”

Email sent by Debenhams

Here are some Twitter reactions from Debenhams’ customers:

This is the second incident this month in the United Kingdom where financial information of users is at risk. About a month ago, Wonga, a UK based credit provider had its database hacked, and nearly 270,000 customers were affected. Also, about six months ago one of the largest multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer in the UK Tesco bank suffered a security breach impacting 9,000 customers.

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise since the country is one of the most favorite targets for hackers and cybercriminals. Not to forget; UK’s financial hub London has been under massive ransomware attacks for quite a while.

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