DefCamp 2013 to Take Place on November 29-30 in Bucharest, NSA’s Surveillance will be a Hot Topic

It is that time of the Year again; The DefCamp 2013 call for papers is officially open. The fourth edition of the international information security conference hosted in Romania has been booked to take place on November 29-30, 2013, in Bucharest, at the Crystal Palace Ballroom.


DefCamp’s press release estimates that more than 300 security expert officials, researchers, and aspirants from Romania and other neighboring countries, are hailed to join this event.

The Topics likely to be covered by The DefCamp 2013 are: Mobile security, distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, networking, social engineering, lock picking, camera surveillance, and application security.

This year’s version of the event, will also be hosting discussions regarding, the United States National Security Agency’s (NSA) notorious PRISM surveillance program.

Andrei Avadanei, founder and chief coordinator of DefCamp commented that they waited eagerly for the DefCamp 2013, since the time the last edition ended. He further added that it is indeed quite fascinating to exchange varied and rich ideas and to meet new people and watch them compete and expand their wisdom, which we only knew virtually.

Our key competition of the conference is: the “DCTF (DefCamp Capture the Flag)”. We plan to trigger our audiences’ attention with a host of entertaining, and informative activities such as: App2Own, Hack the Machine, Wall of Sheep, Spot the Cop and lots more.

The list of various interesting topics covered by DCTF include: cryptography, exploits, reverse engineering, stenography, programming and forensics. The competition will be consisting of two rounds: an online qualifier and the final round also to take place at the event.

Interesting programs such as: App2Own and Hack the Machine are the interactive activities that enthrall the audiences, by giving them a chance not just to test their skills, but also to be able to win some prizes.

Announcement of the Partial List for the Speakers of DefCamp 2013, the Security Conference is planned to be taken place on 29-30 November at the Crystal Palace Ballroom in Bucharest, Romania.

The founder President of the Security Brokers, Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa, and the Chief research officer at Risk Based Security, “Carsten Eiram” will be special guests at DefCamp 2013.

Chiesa will undertake a presentation called “Peering in the soul of Hackers: HPP (the United Nations Hacker’s Profiling Project by UNICRI) v2.0 reloaded. “Eram’s keynote is titled “ 10 Years Later: Are We There Yet?”.

Following is the list of confirmed speakers along with their presentations:

  • Kizz MyAnthia, Senior Presentation Tester—Shadowlabs at HP Enterprise Security—“Into the Worm Hole: Metasploit for Web Pen Testing”.
  • Nathan LaFollette “httphacker”, Senior Security Consultant: Shadowlabs at HP Fortify—“HTTP Header Analysis”.
  • Nir Valtman, R& D Chief Security Officer at Retalix-“Where are my credit cards? Mobile payments exposed”.
  • Milan Gabor, Founder and CEO of Viris- “From exploit to Metaspoilt, AAA-Analyzing Android APKs (our way)”.
  • Bogdan Alecu, System Administrator at Levi9-“0class2DOS”
  • Dan Catalin Vasile, Board Member of OWASP Romania- “Does it pay to be a black-hat hacker?”
  • Adrian Furtuna, Security Consultant at KPMG, PhD, OSCP, CEH- “Scanning Romania with Nessus”.
  • Alex Negrea, Co-founder at“DRM to p0wn NSA in a few easy steps”.
  • Bogdan-Ioan Suta, Independent Security Researcher- “Hacking a vehicle CAN network using the OBD port”
  • Radu Stanescu, IT Security Consultant & Trainer.Sandline-“Cybersecurity in the era of Cyber war and Cyber espionage”
  • Brindusa Stefan Cristian, Lead-Developer at RogentOS GNU/Linux-“The limit between law and surveillance”

DefCamp 2013 will also host a DefCamp Capture the Flag competition and many other activities devoted to entertain the attendees, including App2Own, Spot the Cop, Wall of Sheep and Hack the Machine.

DefCamp organizers have also announced: 127.0.DefCamp, which is a series of local events at the major cities of Romania including: Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara.

These local events will last approximately 8 hours and admission is absolutely free of cost.

Additional details and information can be attained through the official DefCamp 2013 website: “” or by contacting the Organizers, the event can also be registered on Eventbrite. The early bird registration period ends on October 20.


Waqas Amir is a Milan-based cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Waqas is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.