Digital Shower Radio [Review]

The advancement in technology has made and is making lives easier. Singing under the shower brings immense pleasure and confidence to many people and overcomes the age or ethnic borders. While singing and showering can alleviate exhausted sinews and souls, environmentalists have always talked about and have given importance to a lot of water which is wasted in a shower while taking bath and also water is very important in human beings life. Perhaps that is why they thought of giving an idea to the scientists in order to build or design something which saves the water wasted in showers or at least utilizes it.

Recently a device was discovered which should be presented as a gift to all those people who themselves or their family members love to sing while standing under the shower or more commonly known as bathroom singers.  The scientists have manufactured a Water Powered Shower Radio. This device provides its user with two main and very effective advantages which are, as the name suggests, you do need to encumber your monthly electricity bills after using this radio, and the other advantage of this device would be to have its audio content drown out the voice of the person who is singing in the bathroom

This is one radio that will transmit whatever you sing inside your bathroom across the country on a specific channel/frequency on every tuned radio. Using this Water Powered Shower Radio is very easy and the device is user friendly. The installation does not necessitate a high qualification. Its installation includes, fitting the radio in line with the shower hosepipe, where water flows through. This flowing water will move the micro turbine that has been placed in the radio and this turbine in turn drives a small generator which produces power inside the radio. This Water Powered Radio costs about $57 and is an excellent latest gadget.


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