Disney+ accounts being sold on dark web marketplaces

Disney+ was launched last week so how come their accounts are being sold on the dark web already? Find out how and why…
Thousands of Disney+ accounts being sold on dark web marketplaces

If you like to watch movies and TV series online then you should know what Disney+ is but for those who don’t, Disney+ is a video-on-demand streaming service owned by Walt Disney. The service was launched last week on November 12th, 2019.

However, word on the Internet is that hackers have been selling thousands of stolen Disney+ accounts on hacking forums and dark web marketplaces for merely $3 to $7.

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Some users have confirmed the issue on Twitter with screenshots of suspicious activities on their accounts including changing of username and password ultimately blocking them from logging in on Disney+.

Furthermore, Disney+ users on Reddit have also complained about suspicious activity on their accounts. One of the users going by the online handle of u/astrapeach said that:

Someone had logged into my account and didn’t change the email address. So I changed my password back pretty quick and they ended up making a profile on my account. I deleted the profile, I guess my question is my card is on the account I can’t remove my card. When you get Disney subscription you have to enter CVV and since they don’t have it can anything happen?

It is worth noting that Disney+ got a massive reception from fans upon its launch. Despite service disruption, the service registered 10 million subscribers on its first day which is positive for the company but also puts it in the list of companies where user data is at risk. Currently, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are topping the list.

Thousands of Disney+ accounts being sold on dark web marketplaces
Source: Twitter
If you have or planned to sign up for Disney+ or any other online video streaming website it is advised to create a new/dummy email address with a unique password and avoid using your personal email address on the account. If you can’t do that at least change and choose a strong password for the account and don’t use the same password on any other email address.

You can also use a password manager in this case. Also, use HaveIbeenPwned to make sure your email address was not involved in previous data breaches.

If there is suspicious activity on your account change its password asap and contact Disney’s online support. You can also reach out to Disney a [email protected] or call them on 888-905-7888. Stay safe online!

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