DocuFreezer: Offline conversion of documents to PDF and JPEG’s demystified [Review]

People handling hundreds of documents weekly as part of their personal or professional work know how it feels when their internet connection is down for converting their documents to PDF’s. Thanks to the internet, almost everything is available at the launch of a website and so it goes with online file conversion tools. But what if you were in a situation, so unthinkable, where your internet connection or the website offering online file conversions is down? What if you need to convert hundreds of files to PDF or JPEG’s and your favorite online conversion tool doesn’t allow you to do so? Well, then there’s DocuFreezer always at your disposal.

What is DocuFreezer?

DocuFreezer is free downloadable tool for non-commercial purposes. This tool is the brainchild of fCoder Group, Inc. and they have come up with it for making offline document conversions quicker and smarter. There are a few things to this tool that makes it a viable alternative to online document conversion tools. This tool makes use of a technique called ‘Freezing’ that captures a document and converts it into your choice of PDF or JPEG file without losing out on important details and outputs a device-independent file. You can also easily convert PDF to JPG by using DocuFreezer, here again making the most of their Freezing technique.

The conversion process: Simpler and Smarter

The tool is available as a 30MB free download for non-commercial purposes and could be downloaded from DocuFreezer’s official website. This tool needs any of the Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint software for converting DOC, XLS or PPT documents into your desired format file.



The interface of DocuFreezer is clean, simple and easy on the eye. Once you launch this tool, you can add files to be converted individually or as a set of files in a folder with the options at the left side tool bar. You can also add files by dragging and dropping them to the main window.


Once you have your files ready for conversion, all you need to do is select one of the five formats that DocuFreezer is capable of converting your files into from the bottom left hand corner. Select the destination folder and hit ‘Start’. Within no time all your files would have been converted and you would be notified once it is done. The tool does the conversion in no time and even documents with hundreds of pages are converted in a breeze.

What makes it a better alternative?

We have witnessed the rise of online tools for converting your files by simply uploading them and selecting the desired file. The file is uploaded, converted and then provides you a download link for accessing the converted files. There are two drawbacks here that DocuFreezer perfectly caters to – One, that people with disrupted or no internet connection could easily convert their documents with this tool. Second, that usually these online tools offering file conversion rarely accept multiple file uploads and isn’t favorable for someone who needs to instantaneously convert hundreds of such documents.

For people who frequently handle files and oversee their conversion, DocuFreezeris the perfect native tool replacement for online file converters. Apart from this, online file converters are free to use and make them take on to obtrusive advertisements for paying off their server rent. DocuFreezer is a free and an ad-free tool for making it less painful for file conversion.


All in all, DocuFreezer replaces the need for online file converters, offering conversion of hundreds of files at any given time and a plethora of formats to choose from for the output file. Simpler and quicker, this tool makes the converted file easily accessible on devices of all variants and that’s just a feather in their cap. While it won’t necessarily make conversion of a few files simpler than what all those online file converters have to offer but people making these file conversions on a regular basis and in huge numbers are sure to benefit in more than one way with what DocuFreezer has to offer.

The tool is free for personal non-commercial uses and has a one-time purchase premium of $19 for business uses and it simply justifies its price tag by making the file conversion processes in offices a lot simpler. Give this tool a go for your file conversions and you would be amazed at the rate at which these files get converted instantaneously.

Our Rating –4.8 Out of 5

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