Domino’s India Hacked & 37,000 Login Details Leaked by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group

These days, The Turkish hackers are very active in the cyber world, to show their presence, Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has hacked  official website of Domino’s Pizza which is responsible for all of its franchises in India. Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an international pizza delivery corporation headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

 The hack was done by Maxney Hacker of The Turkish Ajan Hacker Group, hacker not only hacked the website but also leaked over 37,000 login details of daily Domino’s Pizza customer. The leaked data contains username, plain text passwords, email addresses, telephone numbers, state name and Ids. Hacker divided the leaked data into eight (8) parts on Pastebin.

It has been always advised that users should not register on such websites with their original email and passwords, most of the times users have same passwords on websites as of their emails. It is important either to choose different password or use entirly different email and details.
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