Download OnLive Desktop iPad & Run Windows 7 [Free Download]

Finally, the OnLive Desktop app  for iPad has been released today for free download.  In our previous post regarding OnLive App we updated you that the firm has developed a Virtual Microsoft Windows 7 app specifically for iPad which will allow user to experience Windows 7 and Microsoft product including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad through OnLive’s servers.

Company plans offer the app in two packages, one will be for free and the second package will be premium with the starting offer of 2 GB limited office applications and cloud storage. While the premium package will authorize 50 GB of cloud storage, priority server access, and additional application support.

Though you can use Microsoft products for free but signing up for an account is essential. If you already have an account then you can start using the OnLive App now, if not then sign up for a new account, download the app and install it.

Download OnLive Desktop iPad & Run Windows 7  



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