Dropbox users hit with ‘urgent, highly confidential’ docs download phishing scam

Dropbox users beware — Cyber criminals are targeting Dropbox users with a fake email, asking them to click on a link to download urgent and highly confidential documents.

This email is about clicking on a link redirecting victims to ‘urgent and highly confidential’ documents using the Dropbox app. 

It also guides users to click on a ‘Dropbox‘ link to download the documents.

This email is by no means linked to the popular “Dropbox”, no documents open up instead the link redirects to a phony webmail account for a phishing scam.

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The page unfolds into various clickable icons such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook including a generic “email account” to lure people.

Clicking on the fake email login, will redirect to another bogus email login page. The cyber criminals will misuse your login information and password and run your account for spam purposes. People on your mailing lists will be believed into thinking they are sent by you and may follow their instructions. This may con other users into submitting their genuine information to the spammers and the cycle continues.

Example Email:


Cyber criminals con their targets in a similar fashion by sending fake clickable links demanding personal information, or to distribute malware.

If such a trap reaches you, please abstain from clicking or opening attachments or giving out personal information.

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