EA servers down; Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2, Star Wars & FIFA 18 Affected

You are not alone, (Electronic Arts) EA servers are down for many and impacting gaming services including Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2, Star Wars and FIFA 18.

It is unclear whether EA is suffering cyber attacks or a technical glitch has caused the outage but in the holiday season gaming platforms are known for suffering service interruption due to a high number of online activity by gamers.

According to DownDetector, a service that keeps track of online platforms facing connectivity issues, the outage is affecting service all over Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and some parts of the Middle East.

EA servers down; Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2, Star Wars & FIFA 18 Affected
EA Outage Map (Via: DownDetector)

EA, on the other hand, has acknowledged the issue and said that “We are aware of Origin login issues affecting some players and are currently investigating. Thank you.”

Moreover, several EA users on Twitter are also complaining about the issue. Here are some the tweets from EA users:

At the time of publishing this article, EA servers were down. However, stay tuned as this article will be updated soon with more information. 


In a tweet, EA support said that the issue has been resolved and service is back online. However, the reason for the outage was not mentioned. “The login issues affecting Origin have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience, if you still require assistance please let us know,” said the tweet.


Agan Uzunovic

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