Beware: eBay ‘Registration Suspension’ Phishing Scam Email targeting users

An email, which appears to be sent from eBay, informs that due to the inaccuracy of your credit card information, your account has been suspended. The user is asked to click on a link titled “Confirm Your Registration” to eliminate suspension.

However, eBay is not the real sender of this email and in reality it is a phishing scam propagated to steal sensitive personal information like login details, credit card number and similar data that users usually provide to register on eBay. Never open any such email, click on links or open attachments from unknown senders.

Detailed Analysis – Email Claiming Suspension of Your eBay Account is a Scam

The email claims that eBay has suspended your account because the information you entered while registering could not be verified since your credit/debit card has been declined by the company.

Further, the email asks you to remove this suspension by clicking on a link that apparently leads to eBay registration page.

Users are sternly informed that they are “prohibited” from using eBay without confirming their registration.

To make the email appear authentic, it contains eBay logo and the formatting style of emails officially sent by eBay to its customers has been perfectly copied.

Here is the exact copy of the fake email sent to eBay users: 

You have been Phished!

This particular email is not from eBay at all and the account suspension claims are also nothing else but a lie designed by hackers for tricking you into submitting personal and financial data.

When you click on the link you will be taken to a fake webpage created by the hackers. This page seems like a genuine eBay login page because hackers have copied real eBay login page brilliantly.

You will be asked to enter your login details (that is, user ID and password) and soon after logging-in, a bogus online verification form will appear asking for your credit card number, and personal information like name and address, etc.

Hoax-Slayer reports that a “success” notice will appear when you submit the form informing about the removal of your suspension and completion of your account verification.

However, scammers and cybercriminals are the actual recipients of your submitted information. They use scammers to hijack your eBay account and then commit credit card frauds.

Your identity may also be stolen by these scammers using the information they have managed to harvest.

Since eBay conducts its business online therefore, it often becomes the primary and most favorable target of cybercriminals for trying out their phishing campaigns.

Always remember that eBay never asks for your financial information like credit card number and/or login details through a generic email.

Information about how to report about these kinds of phishing scams has been published by eBay.

Never click or open any links or included attachments if you receive such an email.

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