Stay Away from Google’s New Messaging App Allo – Alerts Edward Snowden

Google recently released two of its newest messaging applications Google Allo and Google Duo. However, despite the fact that Allo is loaded with exceptional features, Edward Snowden believes that users should avoid using it!

Google Allo is an app that utilizes the Knowledge Graph of Google to offer smart communication experience. This means, for those lazy bones who find it tiresome to reply to the messages, this app will offer canned responses so that they don’t have to type messages. Moreover, Allo is said to be capable of analyzing images in your chat and send out smart replies just like it happens in the inbox folder of your email account.

The new messaging app from Google is supposed to connect to your phone in order to let you message anyone from your contact list using this app’s features. However, the drawback is that you won’t be able to use this app on multiple platforms because it tie-in itself with your phone. The app is loaded with a variety of exclusive features including a Google chat box. We aren’t sure as to why Google wants this app to remain restricted to one mobile and one SIM card only but we can surely tell you why Snowden isn’t so happy with this app.

Snowden explained the reason in his tweets last night and informed users that though Google Allo is equipped with end-to-end encryption but the company has kept this option off-by-default, which is really bad and in fact, quite bizarre if we take into account other messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessages, etc., which are encrypted.

Snowden believes that this decision from Google to “disable end-to-end encryption by default in its new #Allo chat app is dangerous and makes it unsafe.”

Snowden further alerted users and said that they should “avoid it for now.”

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We must tell you that Snowden is usually very vocal about recommending users what app and software to use and which to avoid, so this latest request should not come as a surprise. Edward Snowden is keen on suggesting users the most secure and safe chat methods so that users could evade the prying eyes of the government and secret agencies as well as threat actors. If you do choose to use Google Allo, make sure to turn on end-to-end encryption option manually.

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