Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Stays Classy, Follows the NSA

The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter and within a few hours he has earned a verified badge along with more than 930k followers.

Yes, the man who changed the way people used to think about Internet privacy is available for interaction on Twitter and you can follow Snowden at @Snowden.

In the About section of his Twitter account, Edward Snowden wrote that he used to work for the government. Now he works for the public and director at @FreedomofPress, a non-profit organization helping, supporting and defending public-interest journalism.

The first Tweet from his account was “Can you hear me now?”

The funniest thing in the whole thing is that Snowden is only following one account on Twitter and that belongs to the NSA @NSAGov. Yes, he’s following the official account for the National Security Agency/Central Security Service.

The NSA has about 103k followers while  Snowden is already winning with 930k followers.

Snowden, famously known for leaking secret documents on how the NSA and other governments from around the world are spying on their citizens is currently living in Russia and wanted by the U.S. security agencies for exposing the government’s PRISM surveillance programme

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