Hackers Transform Malware into Chrome Lookalike Browser

Researchers have discovered a malware that takes over Chrome as a browser and looks quick similar to chrome in every aspect.

The malware is based on Chromium open-source software which allows it to maintain the same interface as chrome and for a normal user this thing is very difficult to identify. The browser instead of chrome changes to “eFastBrowser”.

The malware works in a systematic manner, first it automatically makes itself the default browser and takes over a number of different file associations like HTML, JPG, PDF, and GIF, according to Malwarebytes.

It doesn’t end here it also hijacks the URL associations like HTTP, HTTPS, and MAILTO. Further, it directs the chrome browser shortcuts to the eFast browser. Basically, it hijacks nearly all of the PC’s authentications with the internet.

When browsing on eFast Browser, users found a number of pop-up ads that directed them to malicious sites and a number of unrelated sites that doesn’t make sense. Researchers believe the browser is also gathering all the browser data.

But, it’s unclear if the browser has any privacy policy or they are just picking up data without any legal authentications. Though, the company (Clara Labs) behind this malware has its own privacy policy, but the page never loads up and shows a malware warning which is really surprising.

Basically, nowadays hackers are trying to overwrite the Chrome’s program and through that want to disguise user into their trap. The only way to stay away from this malware is not downloaded software from third parties or if you are one of the victims PCRisk has a full tutorial where you can view and clean your PC from this malware.

In the past, cybercriminals used fake Google Chrome browser updates to install ransomware malware on victims’ PC. 


The website of Clara Labs website contains malware, we urge users refrain from visiting their site.


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