Effective Way to Download Youtube Playlist

How to download YouTube playlist? Here are 3 quick options!

With the constant upgrade in YouTube policy and its TOS, many Playlist Downloading Software are being taken down from Google PlayStore and AppStore under DMCA rule. But luckily, there are some handy tools which offer the same easy-playlist-downloading features while not violating any TOS of YouTube. And in this article, we will talk about those handy programs, including a top one that will help you download YouTube playlist with absolute ease. 

3 Working YouTube Playlist Downloading Tools

Different copyright issues, as mentioned earlier, now stripping most tools off of their key features like batch-downloading and making them of no use. But the 3 smart tools we are about to share with you function up to this day. And now, we will recommend them with a detailed guide for the top one which is our personal favorite. 

So let’s go ahead.

#1 iTube Playlist Download

The first downloader in our list is iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader. This is one of the best functioning tools that can help you download multiple YouTube videos or a whole playlist at once.  And the best part is that it will take only one single click to download videos while streaming from your regular browsers or using its official desktop app. 

#2 AddOnCrop — YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader

The new downloading legislation not just put many web-based YouTube Downloaders into cold storage, but most of our favorite Chrome extensions have also been taken down. But out of their cocoons, many new extensions showed up that now allow you to download YouTube videos while streaming them online.

One such extension is AddOnCrop that does have the feature to download YouTube videos. However, its features are not full-fledged yet and lack playlist-downloading option. So for now, you have to download only one video at a time. 

#3 VideoGrabby

Finally, we have VideoGrabby in our list which is a little different than the previous two. 

It’s not software and doesn’t have any browser add-on to offer. Rather it is an online tool where you can download YouTube videos simply by copy-pasting URLs. However, it doesn’t have needed features to process batch downloading, so you have to do copy-pasting over and over again to download a Playlist. 

How to Use iTube to Download Tutorial Playlist in 3 Steps

As our personal favorite now we will show you how to use iTube HD Video Downloader and download a whole YouTube playlist at one go. 

We narrowed down the guide into 3 simple steps, so have a look and you will surely be surprised at how easy it is to download YouTube videos. 

Step One — Copy URL

The first step, to begin with downloading videos, is to copy the URL of a video or playlist. iTube HD Video Downloader supports over 3000 platforms along with YouTube, and luckily, the process for downloading playlists is always the same. 

  • Just copy the URL of a video
  • Or copy the URL of a playlist if you want to download whole videos at once. 

Step Two — Paste URL

Now open up the iTube HD Video Downloader software and at the left side of the main dashboard, you will find an option called “Paste URL.” 

Simply hit it and your copied URL will automatically be pasted into iTube. 

Step Three — Download 

In this final step, a download-button will instantly pop-up, along with a dialogue-box to choose

  • The quality of video: 240p – 1080p
  • The format: Audio or video 
  • And subtitles — if needed 

Select them and press the download button. It will be done. 


So, there’s no need to be disappointed seeing your favorite programs that you preferred for downloading YouTube videos are being taken down. There are new tools with a lot more exciting features coming up in the market. 

So grab one from the tools we mentioned above and you can still download YouTube videos to enjoy them offline. 

And to learn more of iTube HD Video downloader and other old downloaders that are still performing, you can take a look at this website. 

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