Electronic Arts, EA Servers Down? PoodleCorp claims it DDoSed Gaming Giant

EA sports servers are down and gamers are furious on Twitter — About 11hours ago, PoodleCorp did claim responsibility of DDoSing EA servers.

The gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) is currently experiencing an outage in which EA games, services and support have been impacted.

Those gamers who are unaware of the situation should know that earlier, a hacking group PoodleCorp claimed responsibility of conducting a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on EA games’ servers however that was about 11hours ago. It is quite possible that the group has restated attacking EA servers.

Here are three tweets from PoodleCorp claiming they DDoSed EA games and ruined your day:


Here are tweets from gamers expressing their anger:







Who is PoodleCorp?

PoodleCorp is a group of hackers and DDos attackers who previously hacked some top YouTube channels including WatchMogo, RedmercyLeafyisHere, and LillySingh. The same group conducted a series of DDoS attacks on several other gaming giants including Blizzard and League of LegendsPokemon Go, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and PlayStation servers.

On the other hand, about 12 hours ago Blizzard games also tweeted that they are monitoring a DDoS attack on their server however it is still unclear if PoodleCorp was behind the attack or some other group.

EA has yet to confirm exactly who was responsible for the server downtime.


EA’s support twitter handle tweeted that the server has been restored however the reason for such a long service outage was not mentioned or discussed.

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