Electronics retail giant CeX hacked; data of 2 million customers stolen

Another day another breach.

CeX Ltd., the United Kingdom based electronic retail giant, has suffered a data breach in which personal details of about 2 million customers have been stolen. The company is known for dealing in second-hand goods with 350 stores in the UK and more than 100 around the world.

According to CeX’s blog post, the stolen data contains first name, surname, addresses, email address and phone number of those customers who registered on the site with this information. The data may also include expired credit and debit cards in encrypted format up to 2009.

The stolen passwords were in encrypted form, however, for security reasons, the company is urging users to change their account and email passwords. If you are using the same password on other accounts, it is highly advised to change their password as well. Also if you haven’t received an email alert, that means your account is safe. 

As of now, it is unclear who is behind the breach or how it was possible although CeX has informed law enforcement authorities who will be conducting a thorough investigation which should reveal more when concluded. However, the company is urging users to change their account and email passwords immediately.

London is the financial capital of the world which makes it a lucrative target for hackers, scammers and organized cyber criminal groups. That’s the reason the city is under constant hacking and ransomware attacks.

This is the third time in last two years that a British retailing giant has become a victim of a hack attack. Previously, 30,000 employees of Sports Direct had their data stolen in a sophisticated cyber attack. This year, it was revealed that the company was hacked by an Autistic hacker whose sole purpose for hacking was to get a job with the company.

Moreover, Debenhams plc, a British multinational retailer had their Flowers website hacked in May this year allowing hackers to steal personal and financial data of over 26,000 customers.

It is indeed frustrating when your data is stolen because of a third-party. But in case you are interested in making your online presence secure, you will enjoy reading our in-depth and exclusive write-ups on securing yourself from growing phishing scams and preventing the growing issue of encryption based malware (Ransomware).

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