Your Dead Relatives May Virtually Come Back Through Project Elysium

A virtual reality game is being developed by Paranormal Games that will reunite players with their deceased family members.

Virtual Reality can be used in really weird ways. This can be proven from the fact that Australian indie studio Paranormal Games will be introducing a VR game that will let players meet their dead relatives.

The game is being developed for Oculus VR Jam 2015 and it is called Project Elysium (PE).

According to the developer, PE will offer a “personalized VR Afterlife experience reuniting people with loved ones who have passed.”

The screenshots of the game will be produced by 27th April and the video footage will be launched after a week. This will be done to become eligible for Jam’s grand prize.

This concept not just seems spooky but also mind boggling as there are several questions being raised by experts and critics. For instance, this is yet unclear what sort of effort will be required from the user such as provision of images of the relative, to create the image of the deceased one. Moreover, how the game will replicate the exact same personality of the dead relative? Moreover, how the game will affect a person’s psyche after meeting with a dead family member?

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