Email & Facebook account of U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Administrator Hacked by “Guccifer”


Guccifer hacker who is known for his high profile hacking again politicians and celebrities has now hacked the email and Facebook account of U.S. Nuclear Security Agency’s (NNSA) action administrator Neile Miller.

The Smoking Gun reports that it is unclear as if hacker got access to any sensitive data, however he managed to leak an image with his “Guccifer” logo, showing Miller with President Barack Obama from 2010 when Obama had appointed her as acting administrator of the U.S. Nuclear Security Agency.


NNSA is responsible for maintaining the country’s nuclear stockpile as well as securing “loose nukes” worldwide.

Guccifer is the same hacker who had hacked Colin Powell’s email and  Facebook, leaking private pictures while his stay at Bohemian Grove.

In Fabruary 2013, he hacked private emails and photographs of former US president George HW Bush and his family.


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