Official ESET Spain Domains Hacked and Defaced by Panamanian Hacker MrD0x


A Panamanian hacker going with the handle of MrD0x has hacked and defaced 4 official domains of anti-virus company ESET distributor for Spain.

MrD0x left a deface page along with a message on all 4 defaced domain which shows a short note of ‘D3fac3D By MrD0x’ and link of hacker’s Twitter handle. However, the reason for targeting ESET domains was not mentioned anywhere.

The affected domains are sub-domains of ESET anti-virus belonging to ESET’s Promos, Online Shop, Registration, download and demos domain.

Link of targeted websites along with their mirros are available on below mentioned Pastebin link:

This is not the first time when ESET had its distributer domains hacked. In past the company had its official website defaced by Anonymous Palestine – KDMS Team and Israeli domain defaced by AnonGhost.

At the time of publishing this article, not only the 4 targeted domains but also the official ESET domain for Spain ( was taken offline and showing error which can be seen in the screenshot below:




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