Europol Hacked? IntelBroker Claims Major Law Enforcement Breach

Notorious hacker IntelBroker claims a major data breach at Europol. Allegedly, sensitive data including employee info, source code, and operational documents were compromised. Europol has yet to confirm the breach. Could this expose ongoing investigations and endanger law enforcement personnel? Find out more.

The notorious hacker known as IntelBroker claims to have successfully breached the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, commonly referred to as Europol.

The hacker made this announcement on the infamous hacker and cybercrime platform BreachForums, stating that the breach occurred earlier this month and involved highly sensitive and classified information.

Initially, the hacker was offering the data for an undisclosed amount in XMR (Monero), a cryptocurrency favoured for its privacy-focused features. However, at the time of writing, can confirm that IntelBroker has revealed the data has already been sold to an anonymous buyer.

Details of the Breach

According to the post by IntelBroker, the breach allegedly led to the unauthorized access of a wide array of sensitive data, including:

  • Personal Information of Alliance Employees: Detailed personal data of individuals working within various agencies under the Europol umbrella.
  • For Official Use Only (FOUO) Source Code: Critical source code marked as FOUO, indicating its sensitivity and restricted nature.
  • Operational Documents: Including PDFs and other documents used for reconnaissance missions and operational guidelines.
  • List of Specific Agencies Compromised: CCSE, SIRIUS, Space – EC3, Law Enforcement Forum, Europol Platform for Experts, Cryptocurrencies – EC3.

Implications of the Breach

If true, the exposure of such critical data could pose a severe risk to ongoing operations and the personal security of individuals involved in these agencies. The alleged breach could also potentially undermine the integrity and security of Europol’s operations, with potential ramifications including:

  • Operational Compromise: The leak of operational documents and guidelines could severely hinder ongoing investigations and compromise undercover operations.
  • Risk to Personnel: The exposure of personal information of law enforcement officials increases the risk of identity theft, blackmail, and other forms of personal attacks.
  • Security of Sensitive Information: The leak of FOUO source code and strategic documents could provide malicious actors insights into law enforcement tactics and technical infrastructure.
Europol Hacked? IntelBroker Claims Major Law Enforcement Breach
IntelBroker on Breach Forums (Screenshot:

Europol’s Response

Europol has yet to issue a formal statement detailing whether the breach has occurred, the extent of it, and the measures being taken to mitigate its effects. has reached out to Europol, and the article will be updated if the agency responds.


Since the emergence of IntelBroker in October 2022, the hacker has conducted numerous high-profile data breaches, particularly targeting critical infrastructure in the United States. These include the following companies and organisations:

  1. General Electric breach
  2. Facebook Marketplace Database
  3. Los Angeles International Airport
  4. Space-Eyes, a Miami-based geospatial intelligence firm.
  5. Robert Half, a global staffing and business consulting service.
  6. Acuity Inc., a US Federal contractor headquartered in Reston, Virginia.
  7. Home Depot, an American multinational home improvement retail corporation.
  8. Weee! Grocery, America’s largest online Asian supermarket, and several others.

Most recently, the hacker also claimed to have hacked the cybersecurity giant Zscaler and sold the stolen data and network access to an unknown buyer. However, the company denied any hack while still conducting an in-depth investigation into the claims.

Stay Tuned!

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