Facebook abuse tops cyber crime chart in Indian Punjab

facebook-abuse-tops-cyber-crime-chart-in-indian-punjabIn the state of Punjab, India, 170 cyber-crime complaints have been made in total and the state has topped the chart of such crimes. The latest complaint was made by a local resident man who uses Facebook and the compliant was his son and wife is threatening him through this online platform.

The platform has been believed to be medium which helps people bringing closer, but it is turning out to be opposite because it is being utilized in a malicious manner. Last month on June 17, a person has filed a complainant that his son and his estranged wife are using Facebook to damage his image in the eyes of the people.

Similarly on June 12, a man who is an ex-husband to some women has been arrested in Phagwara on grounds of creating a fake Facebook profile of her and using it to post inappropriate and offensive comments. The medium is so revolutionary that it is very easily within the reach of all common people and they are using it as their favorite medium for taking revenge and for spoiling the image of others.

Mr. Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh who is the deputy inspector general of police for the cybercrime cell in Mohali has said that such crimes have increased due to the trend of posting constant status update on the platform. He has said that people should avoid posting everything online and should only post what they feel is important.

Revenge has become a lot easier due to the availability of the platforms like Facebook a Twitter. Prayanka Lakhmani who is the chief marketing officer for a highly reputed software house in Mohali stated that it is very hard to control your emotions or to not use them as a weapon when the option of fake identity is available so easily.

People who regularly use the platform of social media like Facebook say that they can be turned on to do such things anonymously with very little fear about the results. They are also of the view that the trend of taking revenge or indorsing your thoughts against others through social media is now being considered as quite cool and acceptable.

Sanata Baweja who is a social branding professional expert has said that when people know that there are no well-defined or clear laws about what will count as an offense, the fear diminishes or wipes out.

  • Complaint box Facebook abuse 170 e-mail hacking 87 Cyber porn 77 Credit card/ATM fraud 74
  • Mobile-phone abuse 53 Miscellaneous 42 Internet lottery 37 e-mail threats 3
  • Note: data of police complaints since 2011
  • Confession spree

School, universities and college students are joining different confession groups or pages on Facebook where they can post their ideas and dirty secrets about themselves or other people. The alarming thing is that the name of the one posting the message will not be displayed as the message will first go to the inbox of the administrator who in turn will post it in the group without the name of the sender.


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