Researcher Founds Bug That Made Mark Zuckerburg Quit his job at Facebook

A Facebook bug is not a surprising thing to know about but Zuckerberg quitting his job as the Facebook’s CEO is not only surprising but also shocking.

Yes, Facebook Bug makes Mark Zuckerberg Quit his Job from Facebook. This is not a technical flaw it’s just a bug discovered by a Nepal-based security researcher Sachin Thakuri.

The bug will not just affect Mark Zuckerberg Profile, It also manipulates the life event of any user who has their life event posted on Facebook.

Here is a screenshot showing Mark started working at Facebook as Founder and CEO in 2014:


You can also click here to view the original post on Mark’s profile.

Here is a screenshot showing Mark has quit has job as at Facebook:

You can click here to view the affected link showing Mark has quit his job at Facebook.

The original link say’s Mark Zuckerberg Started Working on Facebook, while the affected link say’s Mark Zuckerberg Left Job at Facebook. That’s funny isn’t? :D .

How does this bug URL work?

Remove ustart=1 parameter, from the original event link and see the magic.

This is not the first time when Zuckerberg had his profile under funny bugs. In the past, a Palestinian researcher used Zuckerberg’s profile to demonstrate how anyone on facebook can post on anyone’s wall, even on the walls of the people that are not added into their friend list. 

As far as the life event bug, it has been reported, but Facebook didn’t fix it yet! Till then have fun tricking your friends.. ;D 

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