Facebook blocked anti-ISIS group setup by Anonymous hours before Paris attacks.

Just hours before the Paris attacks, Facebook blocked a group “Report ISIS accounts” that was made by anonymous members for unmasking ISIS group members on Facebook.

The Facebook group was started by the Anonymous group “Red Cult” and was part of the operation which was termed as #OpISIS by the Anonymous group.

Social media has been the main weapon for ISIS to spread their ideology to a much bigger audience.

Facebook and twitter have been the front runners among the social network used by the ISIS and many of the leading members of ISIS have accounts on both the networks.


Facebook didn’t provide any reasons for the removal of group even after several queries from the group itself and from Counter Current News, who in a report wrote:

“Facebook has refused to respond to inquiries from Red Cult or from Counter Current News and several other alternative media outlets who have contacted them directly via their media relations number.”

Though, Facebook has now removed the ban but it doesn’t stop people from thinking of why Facebook banned the group at the first place?

Screenshot shows Facebook removed Report ISIS accounts group / Image Source: Counter Current News
Screenshot shows Facebook removed Report ISIS accounts group / Image Source: Counter Current News

As reporting violations is always encouraged by Facebook itself, there seems no reason to justify a policy breach from the Facebook group operated by the Anonymous.

What’s even more puzzling is that Facebook didn’t comment on the incident even after the removal of the ban, the Facebook group just started working, no emails or messages on whatever happened was received from Facebook.


You can join the group by clicking here.

In the past, Anonymous exported thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts  used by the ISIS group to spread fear and propaganda. However, Twitter never removed or censored any operation conducted by the Anonymous against Isis or any other terrorist group.

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