Facebook users hit with “Hot Video” scam, delivering Trojan

A fake Facebook interface will display an attractive looking “Hot Video” link. If you hit Play button, you will be requested to download Flash Player.

As usual, a Trojan will be installed on your computer if you agree to download the player — Beware of such links as this technique has become relatively common modus operandi of hackers.

This January, the Guardian published an article about Facebook’s remarkable success with its user-created video program. The article also appraised the increasing growth, viewability and shareability of the social network because the numbers really were impressive.

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Hackers might have read that piece from the Guardian and unsurprisingly were quick to take notice and reap its benefits.


This feature has indeed gained unprecedented popularity as the numbers of created, viewed and shared videos is increasing day by day. Considering the ongoing cyber trends, it is understandable that cyber criminals are trying to jump in on the bandwagon and gain some attention.

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Thus, if you receive an interesting post on your Facebook wall having a link to a supposed attractive video then you must realize that you aren’t on Facebook but a fake page located at:



There is an independent group responsible for this scam. Hackers have abused Google’s free online file storage facility for accommodating the HTML page that serves as Facebook’s interface.

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This is a very common method that’s being used since long by phishers. They use free services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to initiate malicious campaigns like this one.

Malwarebytes reports when you hit the Play button, your computer’s screen will display an error message on top informing you to install Flash Player for viewing the video. If you agree to download, Youtube.SCR file will be downloaded instead of Flash Player file.

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