New Facebook Phishing Scam Targets Page Admins

A recent Facebook phishing scam asks users on the social media giant to verify their page because a suspected page forgery was detected — However, it’s a sophisticated scam.

Facebook and phishing scams have an ultimate connection for life. Every day thousands of users around the world lose their accounts due to lack of awareness about such threats.

A recent scam which is targeting users comes with a subject line: “You contacted Facebook: Suspected Page Forgery.” The email content lies about your page being flagged because of an unusual activity and that the page has been suspended. It further asks users to click on a link to verify the account or to let Facebook know that the email came by mistake.

The email comes from“[email protected]” and goes straight to user’s inbox rather than going to spam which means it’s a new scam and the victims receiving it are the scammer’s very first target.

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Screenshot of the phishing email

Once the user clicks on the link they are redirected to a Facebook app link which asks users to click on get started button.

Screenshot that talks about ToS to make a good impression on the victim

Upon clicking, you will be directed to a form which will ask for your email or phone number, password, choosing a security question and optional additional information. If the user clicks on send button the form page shows another message “Thank you for verifying your page, your page has been verified and a blue tick will be visible soon.”

Screenshot of the form which will steal your Facebook login credentials

HackRead urges its readers not to fall for this scam and report the email to spam. The email may look clean and professional however it’s nothing but a phishing scam designed to steal your account. 


The scam has been reported to Facebook and will be removed soon.

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