Latest Facebook Phishing Scam Targets Video Users

The latest Facebook scam asks users to download a video player — The price for this player is your login credentials. 

Facebook is gearing up itself to compete with YouTube in the online video streaming business and there’s no doubt that it is doing good but, there’s a problem with the social media giant and that is the scammers who constantly hunt for user’s login credentials.

Recently the IT security software development company Malwarebytes identified a phishing scam designed specifically to target those who enjoy video-booking on Facebook.

Jovi Umawing, one of the firm’s researchers explains that the scam is probably targeting Spanish users due to its Spanish language interface. It asks users to download so-called “Facebook video application” on their devices but in order to download the app they have to provide their login credentials.

Once the details are added the page sends them to the cybercriminal behind this scam. At the moment, the scam is being run on two domains: Facebookstls . com and Facebooksk . info.

Fake Facebook Pages used in this scam (click to enlarge) / Image Source: Malwarebytes

Since videos are getting more reach and popularity on Facebook, the scammers are directing their operations towards video scams. In the past couple of months, an increase in video related scams has been noticed. From Shocking Videos scam to ‘Guy Removes Blackhead’ scam, the social media giant is facing what can be referred to as the most frequent and sophisticated scams of its lifetime.

Though this scam is not a sophisticated one but for a user who is not familiar with such tactics can easily fall for it. If you have witnessed a scam just report it to Facebook and don’t let others fall for it.


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