“Attempts to Export Opengraph File” Phishing Scam Targeting Facebook Users

A new phishing scam has surfaced on the web via Facebook in the form of a message titled “Attempts to Export Opengraph File.”

This alleged security warning purports to be sent by Facebook.

The message informs you that you have tried several times to export your opengraph file through an illegal application. The message also reads that the attempts were made from somewhere in China.

According to the security warning, if you aren’t the person who actually made the abovementioned attempts then probably your account has been hijacked. Users are instructed to visit the provided URL and update their security settings.

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But, in reality this email hasn’t been sent by Facebook and all the claims made in this message are only given to lure users towards a compromised web link. Evidently, this is a phishing scam.

Example Email: 


Hackers Target Users with “Facebook Account Recovery” Phishing Message

Hackers and criminals who have instigated this new scam have utilized technical jargon, which most probably would be useless for many users.

In case you fall for this trap and click on the given link then you will be redirected to a fake website that has been created only to deceive people into thinking that this is a real Facebook login page.

As soon as the criminals gain access to your account, they use it to launch new scams and spam campaigns on your behalf. The message is sent to all the contacts and friends on your Facebook page and appears genuine to those who receive it.

You might already know what to do if you receive such an email or message but still we would like to warn you that you must never click on any link provided in such messages.

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