Post popularity exposed on Facebook, thanks to a new bug

For a Facebook marketer, the most important statistic is how many people have viewed their post and although Facebook provides details regarding how many people the post had reached, it does not highlight how many people have viewed the post.

However, a recent bug on Facebook’s mobile website allowed users to see how many times a post was viewed. Similar to video views under each article or image post (Accuracy of the view count is still a mystery). This bug can only be found on Facebook’s mobile website; Facebook’s desktop version and official app are free from this bug.

When analyzing the view count on several different posts across Facebook, numbers didn’t make any sense. A post made by Facebook on its own page had only 75000 views (the page has 165 million likes) which doesn’t make any sense. In comparison, another page with fewer likes (16) had posted views of 3 million, according to findings by The Verge.


Facebook soon confirmed the bug to The Verge and said they are working on it. It seems Facebook’s mobile website is considering all the post as video posts and counting the number of views.

The view count or a number of impressions is one of biggest issues a marketer faces on Facebook. According to the a research carried out my Stanford university an average post made on Facebook only reaches 35 percent of the people who have clicked on page’s like button!

Even more surprising fact is that if you make a status update on your Facebook profile only 2 of 3 of your friends will be able to view it.

Getting into your page’s subscriber’s (the people who have liked your page) feed is becoming more difficult each day and Facebook’s algorithms always try to hide things like how many actually find the post on their news feed and actually viewed it.

The bug may have been fixed by now. Stay tuned!

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