New Security Checkup Tested by Facebook for Optimal Security of your Account

Numerous tweaks in security features have been made by Facebook over the past few years. This has been done to ensure that your account remains secure from being hacked.

However, it is apparent that individual users aren’t much interested in using these features, which makes all the efforts of the social network useless.

Moreover, Facebook accounts are continuously being hacked, which certainly has raised concerns.

Therefore, Facebook is now testing a new Security Checkup feature, which is a simple and straightforward collection of some of the highly important things that everyone is supposed to observe to ensure their account’s safety.

These aspects include updating the password, activating login alerts and counter checking the connected devices and apps. If this new service receives good response from users then it will officially be made a part of Facebook’s default security features.

In case you haven’t seen this new feature then try visiting the Privacy Basics page on Facebook.

Facebook Security Mashable
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