Facebook Will Send Conversation Data To Select TV Networks

Facebook Will Send Conversation Data To Select TV Networks.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, social networking website Facebook will share the conversation data that relate to the views, comments, likes and actions that are generated by users regarding different TV shows. The aim behind sharing such data is to provide the television network with feedback about their programs.

The report also says that the online social network will not make any of these reports public and will transmit them directly to NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and some of the other selected partners.

At present, Twitter is being utilized as the biggest platform for sharing conversation that relate to different TV shows. More than a million tweets about “Breaking Bad” were made just in 24 hours before the finale of the show. Facebook is making provisions to gather similar sort of data to provide a more extensive spectrum of demographics and will also review the profile data of the users for this purpose.


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