Dad of Minor Daughter Exposed to Predators on Facebook Gets Paid

Father of Vulnerable Minor Daughter exposed to Sexual Predators on Facebook gets paid an Undisclosed Amount.

Facebook was forced to enforce its age restriction policy by a father who claims that his daughter got exposed to online sexual predators on this site at the tender age of 11.

Facebook has also managed to settle a dispute with the father of the child who became a target of sexual predators on Facebook at the age of 11.

The girl’s father, who wants to remain anonymous, sued Facebook and the trial was due to start last Monday post the tiring four-year long legal wrangles. However, the father has been paid an undisclosed amount prior to the beginning of the trial and the issue was settled out of court.

Mom Shames 13-year-old Daughter for acting slutty on Facebook

The father-daughter duo is based in Northern Ireland.

Reportedly, the girl, who is referred to as GS, uploaded sexual images of herself online and also used numerous Facebook accounts to contact men. These accounts have already been taken down by Facebook.

The Claim Game:

The lawyer of the family in question claims that Facebook failed in fulfilling its ‘duty of care’ towards the minor girl and was found to be highly “negligent” in this regard because it hasn’t implemented a system that prevents users from misrepresenting their ages.

According to the court documents:

“By registering an account and using Facebook the child might be exposing herself to sexual predators or other risks affecting her emotional and physical health. are obviously aware that children who should not be using Facebook are doing so by using the simple device of misrepresenting their age.”


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