Facebook Users Hit with ‘Your Account Will Be Disabled’ Message Phishing Scam

Cyber criminals are targeting Facebook users with yet another Phishing scam — This time users are receiving a warning message in their Facebook inbox which claims their account will be disabled soon…. Don’t worry, your account won’t be blocked nor it’s a legit warning, it’s same old lowlife cyber criminals try to hack your account with phishing link.

Let’s give you an in depth analysis about this phishing scam so you can save your account from getting hacked.

Your Account Will Be Disabled?

The message claims to be sent by “Facebook Safety” and informs user that the account has been disabled for violating Facebook’s terms and conditions.

The message also claims that the suspension can be avoided by clicking on a link and undergoing an account recovery procedure.

There is a warning as well in that message — if you don’t do as directed you will never be able to recover or use your Facebook account and it will permanently be disabled.

The Fact—This Message is a Phishing Scam

Facebook is definitely not the real sender of this message and all the claims that have been made in this email are also a lie.

The link that you are supposed to click on will redirect you to a fake webpage where you will be asked to enter your Facebook login details, that is, the email address and your password.

When you have successfully logged into that fraudulent webpage another dialog box will appear asking for your credit card information.

If you have fallen for this trap then you will enter your credit card details after which you will be taken to another fake page where you will be asked to provide your PayPal account login details.

Once this is done, you will be redirected to your genuine Facebook profile page automatically. The information that you entered will be stolen by cyber criminals who will then hijack your Facebook account and perform fake transactions on your behalf using your credit card details and PayPal account info.

Moreover, when they access your Facebook profile, they will send similar scam messages to all your contacts on the website with minor alterations such as they can revise the subject line or content of the message.

Since the message is an exact replica of genuine Facebook notifications and it is sent from Facebook’s own internal messaging system therefore, users are highly likely to consider it as a legitimate and authentic message.

Now that you know about this scam please beware of such messages or emails and avoid opening the messages or following the URLs included in them.

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