Facebook’s New Feature Will Let You Search within Individual Profiles

Going through Facebook profiles will now be a different experience with Facebook experimenting a new feature, which will allow anyone visiting user profile to search for anything that is posted at any time on the profile.

With Facebook profiles getting filled with regular updates, some of the important updates might be missed by user’s Facebook friends. So, Facebook’s new feature will allow user’s friends to search for anything share on the profile with simple typing of relevant keywords.

Similar to the search box on Facebook groups, there will be a search box Facebook profiles to allow users to easily find posts relevant to important updates.

“We’re piloting a way to search for people’s posts from within their Profiles. You can only search for posts that you can already see on their Timelines,” a Facebook spokesperson told Tech Insider.

This feature was always coming because with many Facebook users getting super active, users miss out the latest stuff from their friends more often than not. For example, if you want to check posts relevant to your friend’s birthday party you can head over to his profile and type the keyword “birthday party” and boom it will show you all the post relevant to his birthday party!


Isn’t that cool? Rather than wasting time on scrolling up and down on someone’s profile you just enter keywords and you will reach out to things you want to see.

But, this is not the only feature Facebook is experimenting on there are a number of apps and features Facebook work on each day.

“Every day, we run hundreds of tests on Facebook, most of which are rolled out to a random sample of people to test their impact,” Facebook’s Andrew “Boz,” Bosworth wrote back in 2012.

Last month Facebook unveiled Search FYI feature, which allows users to search anything you posted publicly from the day you started using Facebook.

Another feature that Facebook is experimenting is similar to Snapchat’s message disappearing feature which will make Facebook messages disappear within an hour of the message being delivered. This feature currently experiments in France but, the official launch will depend on its success. 


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