Facebook Technical Glitch Making Old Pictures Reappear on Timeline

Would you not find it surprising and somewhat suspicious if the photos that you posted on Facebook months ago make a comeback and re-appear on your timeline? You would definitely get alarmed. So if you are facing the same issue, believe us, you are not alone.

This issue started affecting Facebook users since Friday. Many are complaining that their old pictures are constantly re-appearing on their pages. The complaints emerged when Facebook informed users on Thursday that the social network will be unveiling the videos compiled by its team to give the users a review of the year.

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This video is very popular among users. It is posted with the title “Year in Review” and shows an amalgamation of most Liked and Commented pictures as well as important events and posts from the year. Traditionally, Facebook posts this video on every user’s timeline in December to give the users an overview of key happenings of the year. The video can be shared with other contacts.

However, this time when Facebook announced that it will be posting the Year in Review videos, suddenly Facebook users started noticing old pictures of theirs re-appearing on the timeline with new dates and timestamps. This confused them a lot because it seemed as if the user has posted the image afresh, which in reality the user didn’t.

Facebook user who took the issue to Facebook help forum

Facebook was immediately notified and in response, the company told PC Mag that the issue was under investigation. So far, Facebook has received countless queries on its help forum because a majority of users felt that their accounts have been hacked. One user wrote on the forum:

“Tonight I have seen two posts on my page as new posts, but both are from 6 months ago, and are old posts. Why is this happening? Have I been hacked?”

Most probably, this is a technical glitch on Facebook’s part and will be resolved soon.

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Facebook has had a number of technical glitches in the recent past such as in 2015 when a bug that made Mark Zuckerburg quit his job at Facebook. Therefore, we can expect the problem to be tackled by the team at Facebook eventually.

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