Beware of Fake Android Prisma Apps Running Phishing, Malware Scam

Beware of fake Prisma photo editing app on Android store targeting users with phishing and malware scam!

Prisma app for Android users was launched about a week ago, since then it has become one of the most used photo editing apps but with fame comes haters (just like when hackers added (Fake Pokémon Go app on Android store containing RAT) and Prisma has caught the attentions of cyber criminals as IT security researchers at ESET have identified not one but several fake Prisma apps infecting users with different but dangerous trojan.

The security team at Google Play store have since removed those apps but the fact is that 1.5 million users have already downloaded those infected apps.

ESET also noted that most of the fake apps had no photo editing function rather they infected users’ device with adware and malware. In some cases, some of the infected Prisma apps tricked users into visiting survey sites stealing their personal information and signing them up for bogus and expensive SMS services. One Prisma app was discovered with a capability of displaying fake messages on screen alerting users that their smartphone has been infected with a virus which can be removed by downloading an anti-virus. The anti-virus link provided in the warning message was itself malicious.

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In another discovery, ESET found one Prisma app on Google Play store before even Prisma was launched for Android users. The app was found infecting smartphones and stealing sensitive information such as operator name, phone number, language details and country name etc.

The app would also display fake Android 6.0 update messages and redirect users to a malicious website which would steal user’s Gmail credentials – you got it right; the site was running a phishing scam.

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The aforementioned app has been removed from Google Store however based on the massive success of Prisma app, users should expect more fake apps in the store. Remember, don’t download third-party apps and always do a background check on developers before installing an app on your smartphone. In Prisma’s case, we recommend going through our coverage on Prisma’s Android and iOS launch and only download the app from the verified links we have mentioned for each store.

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Also, remember Android store is one of the most vulnerable OS; thanks to Google’s lazy security detection on the play store. In the past, researchers exposed 60+ gaming apps containing malware posing a huge threat to users’ privacy and security.

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