Fake LinkedIn Emails Leads to Blackhole Malware

Be aware of fake LinkedIn emails sent to LinkedIn users by unknown sender, posing as a legit LinkedIn sender trying to convince user as this is the official LinkedIn notice.

According to GFIAfter clicking the fake link, your browser will be redirected to  BlackHole exploit which attempts to drop Cridex onto the PC that mostly targets social media and bank accounts. This Malware is deadly as it may also beat the captcha test 

The developer of fake LinkedIn email did a great job by making a mirror image of  legit LinkedIn email, new user on LinkedIn may easily fall for this trick. Colors, fonts, images and content is so professonal that makes it difficult for normal user to differentiate.

Tip: Do not click any link that is sent by an unknown user, to verify the link just copy paste the link into google search bar. Sometimes google shows the warning and most of the time people discuss about the same issue on different forums, it will make it easier for you to differentiate between fake and legit LinkedIn email. 


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