Fake Wikipedia Researcher Hacked Bumi Chairman’s Computer

samin-tan-reuters-hackedA coal firm in Indonesia named as Bumi has faced heavy crisis in the recent past, but, firm’s physical performance wasn’t the reason behind the crisis. It was through hacking, it all happened, the crisis that the firm is facing now is of such intensity that firm is now beginning to get offers to sell its current operations at 400-800 m pounds range. Let’s see how it all happened?

A year back, Bumi faced a hacking attack which led to the stealing of private information regarding the firm which also badly affected the firm. While investigating, Bumi’s chairman came to know regarding some insight hand involved in this particular crisis. He hinted one of Nat Rothschild the found of Bumi for stealing all his personal data that included private emails. But, the firm’s backers- the Bakrie family hinted on all the emails and phones being hacked. Though, Nat Rothschild denied all the accusations laid by the chairman on him.

But, this time around a different story took place. A person named ‘Steve’ contacted the Bumi’s chairman and said he is from Wikipedia and wanted his comments on one of the articles on Bumi. In an email he sent all the links to the article published on Wikipedia, but, they were all spammy links which leaked all the data from the chairman’s system. This basically caused the crisis the firm is in now. A report from the Times said:  “It should be noted this is fundamentally suspicious; it is not standard Wikipedia policy to contact individuals with regards to articles.” 

Both the hacking are seemed to be carried out by the same hacking group or individual. But, the truth is that whosoever has done this has wrecked Bumi and the firm is on the verge of collapse. Not, only the hacker/s has put the firm’s future insecure  but, has also affected the current status of Bumi because current board of directors is fighting within themselves. The founder, Nat Rothschild has ordered to remove 12 of the 14 current board members of Bumi. On other hand board members, has asked for the founder’s resignation.

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