Famous Adult website Xtube hacked, delivering malware to viewers

The viewers at pornographic website XTube should now be aware of using the website as it holds malware, says Malwarebytes Labs. The users are redirected to Neutrino Exploit Kit which contains a Flash vulnerability. The malware is known to be Trojan.MSIL.ED.

The website has been said to be malicious as per Jerome Segura who is a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes. The issue has been corresponded to XTube but those working on the site have failed to track down such an issue.

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According to Segura the vulnerability is not external and therefore XTube has to examine its own internal server so as to figure out the issue. The malware works by injecting an iFrame which is not embedded in the source code but attached to the fly.

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The infection caused the user-end side of the website to be affected but other aspects of the website can also be affected. Also, Segura said that there have been various such issues and they require a complete examination of the entire system.

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Since January 2015, adult websites such as this have become the main target for attackers. Recently the adult website xHamster was affected and in February it was RedTube which had a malware that used and iFrame to infect the system.


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