FBI’s Surveillance Van Sold on eBay for US $18,700

Who doesn’t want to buy a fully equipped FBI surveillance van having facilities like video and audio recording equipment and even a toilet at the rear side? Of course, one would give away anything to own such a vehicle.

Apparently, this dream come true as a North Carolina based man Ginter Senfeldas announced the auction of 1989 Dodge Ram 350 on eBay and a lucky one was able to buy the van for the US $18,700.00. The FBI van has spotless, sparkling interior and mileage is only 23,500 miles and interestingly, it still has surveillance tapes and notebooks stored.

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Image: eBay

A video of the vehicle was posted by Senfeldas, which is still available on YouTube. The video showed various features and USPs (unique selling points) of the van. As depicted in the video, the van has two LCD screens, audio recording equipment, video cameras, and microphones. Additionally, the seller has uploaded footages of the left over audio cassettes and CDs, which probably belong to old investigations from the FBI.

FBI’s surveillance van Sold on eBay for the US $18,700.00
Image: eBay
Image: eBay

While speaking with local news station WNBN, Senfeldas stated that there are microphones installed everywhere inside the vehicle. “There’s microphones as we took the side markers out of the van and there are microphones hidden in headlights and taillights. That’s why there’s little holes everywhere,” said Senfeldas.

The auction ended yesterday immediately after 7:00 pm Eastern time, and there were over 35 bids. Finally, the van was sold for $18,700.

Here’s how it looks like

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