FBI Website Crush Down by Anonymous – Against Megaupload Crackdown

The official website for the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) http://www.fbi.gov has been taken down by Anonymous hackers, in its massive attack on entertainment industry and American government.

FBI’s website went down Thursday evening according to US time and is a part of Anonymous online campaign against crackdown of MegaUpload.com, the world biggest online file sharing website.

A snapshot of Offical FBI website, which is down and shows an error:

Until now, http://www.fbi.gov/ ,www.copyright.gov ,www.whitehouse.gov , www.universalmusic.com, www.riaa.com, and www.wmg.com are top US government Official domains that are taken down by the Anonymous.

Barrett Brown, who is Anonymous representative has told RT that “It was in retaliation for Megaupload, “We can expect a great deal of havoc of the sort we saw today. We’re going to see it in a stepped up fashion,”


[Via RussiaToday]



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