Filmmaker of anti-Islam video arrested in Los Angeles

ABC has reported that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula the producer of anti Islamic movie which led to the violent protest all over the world has been arrest by the police.

The Los Angeles district attorney’s office says that Nakoula was questioned at the begining of this month and this time has been detained. The US Attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek said “I can confirm he’s in custody, scheduled to make a court appearance as we speak, in federal court in downtown LA’‘.

The nature of arrest is yet vague as the court documents have been sealed and also the filmmaker has been involved in an other criminal activity and this arrest could be related to his previous offence.

In February 2009, Nakoula was accused of fraud, obtaining the identities and social security numbers of customers at several banks in Californiaand withdrawing $860 from them. As reported by ABC.

The Anti-Islamic movie has already done enough damage around the globe, death of US ambassador, arrest of Brazil’s Google CEO, violent protests, killings of 19 protesters in Pakistan and cyber-attacks on United States government websites are few examples of anger among the Muslim world against the movie.



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