Firefox Plug-in Warns Users of NSA Surveillance

According to the recently leaked document from NSA by the Guardian, the U.S government is spying each and every conversation done by the American over the internet. Whether, it is via Google, Facebook or any other major brand. Furthermore, U.S government is also receiving phone records of millions of customer using Verizon.

The program through which the government of U.S is doing all this stuff is known as “Prism”. One of the U.S artists “Brooklyn” these days have begun to produce songs to create warning regarding all the happenings. His latest album has gotten a positive response from the people of U.S.; the same thing has been done by Firefox too.


Justin Blinder has introduced a new add-on to Firefox by the name of “The Dark side of the prism”. It’s quite an unusual add-on which plays a classical song “The Dark Side of the Moon” whenever a user opens a site where he could be caught by the surveillance action. According to Blinder, he created this add-in just 4 hours and the main purpose for this was to stop people from being tapped into surveillance act.

In one of the interviewees to the Guardian, Blinder said:

  • I was really interested in the fact that, although the PRISM leaks were a shock to many of us, we pretty much already kind of know we’re being spied a lot of the time and giving away so many data.

Members of congress were also shocked by this news and they were in confusion regarding the level of private communications leaked by the government. They had no idea of the agreement between the telecommunication firms and the government. The American civil liberties unions have now sued the government and also filed a complaint in the federal court.

The song blinder has enforced into the plugin was one of the most famous songs in the history of music U.S. roughly 50 million copies at its launch and it was on the advertisement for about 741 weeks. According to Blinder, Google, Facebook and other sites used by users for conversations were also said to be involved with the government in providing private data belonging to the users.

A person by the name of Snowden has gained overwhelming popularity and is believed to be a whistleblower again this surveillance act by the government. But, U.S CID director has some different thoughts:

  • He’s not a whistleblower, by the way, because a whistleblower actually wants the rule of law to be enforced,” “He copied documents and he made a run for it. He may be actually aiding our enemies.

To this Snowden said:

  • I can’t in good conscience allow the US government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.



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