Florida State University breached, Personal information of 47000 students and teachers leaked


Penetration into the state database has compromised the personal information of thousands of college students in Florida.

Well it gives rise to the question that whether or not the data of all of students is protected or not.

The breach occurred back in May and the data which was exposed comprised of the home addresses of students and their social security numbers. The breach took place while the data of Florida’s state university was being transferred into a new server by their center for interactive media. After the breach, no provisions were made to restrict viewing the site that contains the information.

During the transfer of FSU data, the personnel who were responsible for the security did not close the door during the second round, said Joe Follick.

FSU has given this task of transfer by DOE for securing the information.

Liz Maryanski said, ‘’ we have always looked into the protection issue with keen eye and we have been in a close collaboration with DOE.

The students which have been affected by this breach are working on becoming teachers. Around 47,000 students of Florida’s state education college had their data exposed and unsecured for around 2 weeks.

Maryanski has said that there is still no indication that the data compromised or exposed has been misused in any way.

The exposed data was almost seen 23 times via Google while it was unsecured for a time period of 2 weeks. There is no information about the number of people who had the access to such data.

Follick said that are being very cautious about dealing with this issue on a personal note and if anyone has been impacted by this breach in any way can contact the education department.

However, there has been no reports of any misuse of the information breached.


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