Further 70 South African Websites Hacked by Virùs Noir

As I have been keeping the readers updated on earlier defacement done by V!rus No!r, against South African websites. Here is another one as the hacker from Moroccan Agent Secret group has hacked 70 more South African websites. 


The hacker successfully hacked all the websites, leaving a deface page and a message for the government of South Africa against the Sahara desert dispute. According to the message: 

You have been Hacked, Message: The Sahara is Moroccan, Stay away from our Sahara.

Earlier, the same hacked 214 South African websites and delivered his message to the South African authorities. 

The links of targeted websites and their mirrors are available here, to view past hacks by Virus Noir and other Moroccan hackers on similar dispute, click here

At the time of publishing this article, all the sites were displaying deface page left by the hacker. 

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