This New Gadget Transforms Paper Airplanes into Powerful Drones

Powerup and French drone-maker firm Parrot collaborated together to create a revolutionary new gadget that easily converts something as insignificant like a paper airplane into a virtual-reality, electronically controlled device.

The developers attached remote controlled engines and a camera to the paper plane in order to transform it into a powerful drone, explained PowerUp.

To offer the first-person view, the camera installed in the drone streams the video footage straight to a smartphone. The phone can be used as a head-mounted display just like the Google Cardboard

It is also possible to pilot the drone through smartphone controls. The drone offer’s a maximum range of 300feet with Wi-Fi enabled and can fly up to 20mph. The drone has been named Powerup FPV.


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Its batteries can make it fly for about 10mins continuously and the video footages taken while being airborne are saved onto a MicroSD card.

This drone will be launched on KickStarter in November this year and the initial price for its standard kit will be set at $200.

Powerup 3.0 drones came into news previously this year when Peter Sachs, an attorney and drone law activist, was granted permission to fly a paper airplane for commercial purposes by the FAA.

From the outlook, Sachs’ petition seemed absurd because of the limited range of such a drone and usage of a small homemade camera for performing aerial photography. However, the FAA believed that this drone could be used for business.

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