Genius Teenager Hacked His Parent’s iPhone Text

A genius teenager was planning to throw a party (maybe at his home), but it is usually hard to convince your parents in agreeing with something you are planning to do, so he went out of the way and opted for a smarter way by hacking into his parent’s mobile phones.

Reddit user, nasshole, whose real name (according to the provided screenshot) is Brendan and seems like he does have a better understanding about the technology. So he deceived his parents, using his technological skills, into allowing him to throw a party by pulling a simple but remarkable iPhone prank on them.

Basically, he added a shortcut on his mother’s as well as his father’s iPhone.

Now, whenever his father types a word “no”, the shortcut will automatically change it to a predefined phrase, “WHERE THE BITCHES AT.” And for his mother, the word “no” would be changed to “HELL YES.

Once everything was set up properly, he then sent a text message to them asking “Hey guys can I throw a party tmrw night,” and now you can imagine what his parent’s responses was.

He does post a dreamlike outcome as a screenshot on Reddit. The image is attached below:

iPhone Text Hack Conversation

As you can see in the conversation, Brendan did receive a green signal for a party, however, we don’t know how the party went because he has not posted a single comment on the thread since Sunday.


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