German Police seize DDoSecrets server hosting BlueLeaks data dump

The BlueLeaks data dump contained sensitive information on Police, Fusion centers which were recently leaked by WikiLeaks-like service called DDoSecrets.

German police have seized a server that hosted the BlueLeaks data dump. As previously reported, BlueLeaks referees to a leaked database containing around 269 GB of data comprising of stolen US police’s internal documents.

BlueLeaks is a WikiLeaks inspired website offering access to the stolen documents. The seized server belonged to an activist group dubbed DDoSecrets. The group published the police data in mid-June and contained information on over 200 US police departments and law enforcement agencies.

Screenshot of the leaked data

On Tuesday, investigative journalist Emma Best, the co-founder of DDoSecrets, stated that prosecutors in Zwickau, Germany, confiscated the organization’s “primary public download server.”

Best took to Twitter to explain the situation:

“We have received official confirmation that # DDoSecrets’ primary public download server was seized by German authorities (Department of Public Prosecution Zwickau file number AZ 210 AR 396/20),” Best Tweeted.

According to Best, the server’s only purpose was to distribute the data to the public and wasn’t connected with the sources responsible for leaking the data.

“It had no contact with sources and was involved in nothing more than enlightening the public through journalistic publishing.”

Best further added that they obtained the data from Anonymous, including emails, scanned documents, audio files, videos, private law enforcement alerts, training materials, and more. DDoSecrets made it accessible on a dedicated website on June 19.

Four days after the data dump, Twitter imposed a permanent ban on the official Twitter account of DDoSecrets for promoting BlueLeaks data. Twitter management states that DDOS violated its platform policy regarding sharing private data links or hacked materials. The stolen data may be used to harm individuals, which is against Twitter’s policy as well.

The BlueLeaks data, as per the German police, belongs to a Houston-based company, Netsential, which offered web hosting services to law enforcement agencies in the US. The company confirmed that its web servers were compromised recently, and its website is currently down.

“We are working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities regarding the breach, and we are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation,” Netsential’s statement read.

However, Best doesn’t seem like giving in and claims that the data dump will resurface online very soon. It wouldn’t be too surprising as DDOSecrets had already been sharing the data visa Torrents.

“Don’t worry. I’ve been planning for this for days. And days,” Best proclaimed.

For those who seek to visit DDOSectets’ website, can do it on Tor.

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