German Town bans parents from calling their child ‘Wikileaks’

A couple in Southern German Town has been banned from naming their child ‘’WikiLeaks’’, claiming that it may put baby’s life in danger.

According to German website Passauer Neue Presse, the father of newly born baby Hajar Hamalaw wanted to name his son ‘’WikiLeaks’’ because he believes that the online whistleblowing platform has “changed the world”. But the authorities in Passau, Bavaria; didn’t allow him to do so.

File photo of the WikiLeaks baby who was born on 14th March, 2014.

File photo of the WikiLeaks baby who was born on 14th March 2014.

Hamalaw, a journalist who has lived in Passau for the last eight months, said:

  • The [Wikileak] revelations caused a great stir worldwide, especially the ones about Iraq, where we come from.”

But Wikileaks did not make it onto the birth certificate.

  • The registrar said that this was not a first name. He thought it was a series or TV show,” said Hamalaw.

A spokesperson for the town of Passau said the decision by the registry office was based on legal rulings which state a child’s name should not be granted if it could endanger their welfare.

Hamalaw opted to call his son Dako on the birth certificate instead, according to TheLocal.

[Via: TheLocal]


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