Girl fakes kidnapping for an iPad

A 12-year-old girl from Abu Dhabi, UAE calls her father and claims that she has been kidnapped, the kidnappers want iPad as a ransom.

The father in shock contacted the police immediately after the girl’s call which took the case in its hands.

The father tried to call the girl a number of times but found her cell switched off. 

“I tried her number but she was out of range. She later called and told me she had been kidnapped and her abductors would set her free only if I got them an iPad. I informed the police who saw through her game plan.’’

Girl fakes kidnapping for iPad

Khaleej Times reports that a team of police officers, after investigation concluded that the girl faked about her kidnapping in order to get new iPad.

“On investigating, the policemen managed to locate the child at a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi.” Khaleej Times reports.

The girl was trying to force her father for buying iPad for her but when it didn’t worked, she tricked her own father into drama of getting kidnapped.

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