Girl Poisons Mom Twice For Taking Away Her iPhone

A 12-year-old girl in Colorado has been arrested and charged for attempting to kill her mom through poisoning her with bleach just because she took away iPhone from her.

Authorities claim that the circumstances are chilling. First time the mother felt a strange odor coming from her breakfast smoothie. On second occasion, mother felt thirsty and went to water carafe from where she noticed the same odor that she had felt while drinking the smoothie. Both times, the strange odor was of bleach.

The police had detained her daughter because mother believed that she was trying to poison her.


Colorado police explained the incident at water carafe:

“This is when she learned her daughter had developed the plan to kill her for taking away her iPhone.”

As far as the smoothie incident is concerned, mom wondered if her daughter has properly washed the glass or not but she didn’t suspect perpetration of a killing attempt then.

That’s the accusation and the incidents reportedly occurred on March 2nd and 6th.

Mom believes that her daughter perpetrated the attempts to kill her because she had taken her iPhone away.

The daughter has been kept in a juvenile detention center and has been accused of two attempted first degree murder counts.

The mother daughter names and other information aren’t being revealed by the Boulder County Police at this stage, reports Reuters.

The authenticity of mother’s claim and the complete context of the event cannot be possibly known yet but the mere idea that snatching an iPhone can lead to such drastic outcomes and even crimes is frightening for sure.

This is not the first time when someone has done such a weird thing to get hold of an iPhone. In 2013, a Chinese couple had sold their baby to buy an iPhone, following with another creepy story when another Chinese man had sold his kidney to buy iPhone and iPad.

In March, 2013, A 12-year-old girl from Abu Dhabi, UAE faked her kidnapping for iPad.

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